Why My Youtube Watch Hours Are not Updating ? YPP

 Who is not aware of Youtube Milestones to be into the Monetization program. As Youtube has placed an initial requirement for every Creator to be accepted into the Monetization to earn money on Youtube.

Youtube has placed an initial limit to gain 1k Subscribers and 4k watch hours in the last 365 days and this is the greatest achievement for the new creator to achieve in their Youtube Journey.

But Aside, here is another problem which the creators are facing into the monetization tab in Youtube that the watch time that their video gains on Youtube is not counted or updated in the Youtube Monetization Tab which shows their monetization Watch hours are not updating.

youtube watch hours not updating

So here is the 100 and 1% solution for this problem which will make your day, just over little down to know how you can solve this problem with ease and all the watch time which your video gained will be counted and your monetization tab will be updated.

In this Post :-

What is Monetization Watch hours ?

Watch hours are the hours for which the audience watched your videos and it is calculated as of real time. aside if a person watches your video for 10 minutes, your 0.16 hours will be counted.

and like so you have to complete 4000 watch hours in your channel in the last 365 days to be able to apply for youtube monetization.

Which kind of Watch hours will not be added in Youtube monetization ?

This query has been already solved by offically youtube as they have already told that the content or the video falling the listed cateogry will not be considered to be added in monetization for their Watch hours.

Video not allowed for watch hours:

  • Unlisted videos.
  • Private videos.
  • Deleted Videos.
  • Ad Campaign Videos.
  • Shorts videos (seen from shorts function except search results).
  • True View campaign.
  • Live stream (Not in VOD).

These are the categories in which if your video falls your video's watch hours will not be counted in the Monetization tab for YPP program eligiblity.

But still now there are many people who claims their video doesn't even falls into any of these category but still their video's watchtime is not counted in the monetization tab. So here are more things to examine for their problem and may these work fine for them and their issues.

My Video follows all rules but still watch time is not counted in Monetization Tab ?

So, if the condition works for you then you must take a deep care of this issue and examine and try out the two more things to do to solve this kind of issue to solve your youtube Monetization update problem.

1. Taking Help From Youtube Team.

Here is the thing to do to solve this issue is taking the help of youtube team which will betterly help you a lot in this issue as the issue is from youtube they will give you better guidance. 

  • Go to Youtube Studio in your Youtube account. and then click over the monetization tab.
  • You will find an option of feedback in the lower left menu, just click over it.
  • Now,  this is the space where you have to discuss your issue to youtube team and within 24 to 48 hours your issue will be resolved.

2. Checking Watch hours Update.

The second thing which you can try out is by checking if your monetization tab is up to date or not. yes, you can do it by the youtube's new update which tells you when was last time your monetization tab was updated.

to check follow up the simple steps:

  • Go to Youtube Studio and click over the Monetization Tab.
  • Now alongside the 4000 Required, you will find an icon of this kind just hover over it.
  • Now your Monetization tab update will be displayed in the hovered box.

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