How to Grow Youtube Channel with Tubebuddy ?

 Ever heard of Tubebuddy, if you are a youtuber then you must be aware of Tubebuddy as it is a kind of plugin for youtube creators to help them to rank and grow on youtube with SEO(search engine optimization) help.

Here today going  to know about Tubebuddy and we will know how you can rank your video on youtube and can grow your channel over youtube to earn money much more than that of your chanenl's average earning.

tubebuddy plugin install in youtube
Tech Zoon Tubebuddy Review

Trust us we makes sure your channel will start earning 30% more than that of average channel earning after using the plugin and now it has provides most amazing tools to improve the ranking of the channel videos by adding Full and specified SEO into the video's information.

What is Tubebuddy ?

Tubebuddy is a kind of tool or we can say that it is a pluging for the youtube to suggest and provdie best of tags and descriptions for the newly uploaded videos by which one can rank and get the views of the video doubled.

this is much helpful for the new and the fresh youtubers who do not have enough knowledge about SEO and because of that their valuable content lacks to reach most of the people and causes less views.

How to Install Tube Buddy On Youtube Channel?

There are not as many complicated steps to install and use the tubebuddy over Youtube but still lit requires some steps to install and afterward use it in channel.

But do not worry here giving full support for users, here are steps to install Tube Buddy on the Youtube channel and also the proper usage of this plugin.

  • First Search for Tubebuddy and go to the official website of Tubebuddy in which you will be redirected to similar to this homepage.
  • Now click over the button Install For free  and you will be redirected to the chrome web store.

  • Simply click over the add to chrome and after some permissions allotment your plugin will be install successfully.
  • Still you have to follow some more steps to use it in your youtube channel for that just more ahead your channel's dashboard.
  • After search across your channel, you will find an logo of tubebuddy, just click over it to sign in and allow the permissions and simply click over sign in.
  • Now you are all set. just start using the plugin which will definitely help you a lot to rank your videos on youtube and acquire more views on videos.

these steps will help you to install tubebuddy plugin on your channel and will help in your videos ranking over youtube.

Tubebuddy Tags and Descriptions

Tubebuddy helps you to add emoji in video's descriptions. which makes the description more arranged and to be more likely to be liked by the users.

tubebuddy more over helps to find the best of the titles to calculate the video ranking over youtube after keywords in title and descriptions.

so in order to get more of the score from Tubebuddy, you need to add the main keyword in title and description too which will increase your chance to rank over youtube.

Tubebuddy Thumbnails

Tubebuddy on youtube studio allows a premium tool to generate and create thumbnail from the video and design according to the user's wish.

this is most useful as many of the people can't afford some premium software for editing pictures or creating thumbnails.

Tubebuddy Tags and Keywords

The most required thing and more powerful thing to rank the video is Tags. which is more focussed by the tubebuddy and tubebuddy gives it more preferences.

tubebuddy itself suggests tags according to the title and the descriptions added. it finds the most popular and less competetion keywords for which your video can rank over youtube and allows you to find the most searched keywords.

beside after adding the tags and publishing the video, tubebuddy shows the number of rank on which your video is ranking on a specific keyword.

such that if a video is ranking on 2nd number over a specific keyword, tubebuddy will show 2 on the keyword in youtube studio which is the best thing to target specific keyword on youtube.

Tubebuddy conclusion

the review about tubebuddy is +4 as it provides all the helpful tools required by a new and fresh youtuber who does not know enough about seo on yotube, and the one point is less because about 5% of the tools are paid on this tool.


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