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If you are a blogger then you must be definitely aware of backlinks,  as we know backlinks matters a most in a blog and if you are started a new blog then you must take your of backlinks of your website which is very important.

 for a new person who is pressure at blogger must know the concept of globe and the most important to rank over the search engine is is decided by the Google and backlink is of the some top thing to decide weather where to place the the post of the website and where to rank the website post.

 it is basically seen that a website with no  backlinks main take time or it is possible that it may not rank in Google but a website having more than backlinks is definitely ready to rank over the search engine in a short period of time. This thing you can decide how backlinks are needed and almost necessary for the globe on website too. 

  so today we are going to talk about the backlinks which are most important part of the website and in this post we will know how backlink  works,  is it necessary to make backlink for website,  can you rank website without backlinks,  how to create backlinks,  and the most important question what are the type of backlinks.  so let's take a look over there and now what is the concept of backlinks in website.

 What  is the meaning of backlinks  in website actually ?

 so  let's take a look over the exact meaning of backlinks  - Basically backlink maybe mean to  to a kind of bond between two things,  such that it's a kind of letter which joins one box to another box to retrive the Needed thing from Box 1 to Box 2.

 in the same way backlinks are a kind of link  which links a website to another web page and a person with  click on that hi following will be redirected to the targeted page or webpage.  so it's our concept which we need to learn by an example.

 let's examine two website named And the another one  that to create a backlink of website I need to go to another website that is ,  and would open any of the most of this website and over the comment section or in any of the section I need to paste my website link that is.  by which the visitor on,  after clicking on the hyperlink of my website  will be redirected to my website.

 so this was the physical and the known thing for us and Manu Ke Peopke know this better,  but the actual reason and the main reason behind this is Google to uses the website and if Google watches that a website has many of the backlinks for many of the website so  Google think that it's a genuine and a pro website which is most talked  the over the the exploration.

 so this process is known as making the backlink of one website such that the traffic and as well the visitor having interest in my website content can visit my website via the hyperlink and pasted on the link given by the other person,  so we will also discuss about how to make backlinks such that we have many kind of processes but to make the backlinks.

 now let's take a look over the type of backlink and discuss how these works which are beneficial more and which is is left working.

 How many type of backlinks are there for Blogger ?

 basically it's not a big confusion that how many type of backlinks does  blogger have,  because it may be a website or a blog and backlinks are onley same,  now let's d:iscuss how many type of backlinks are there and what are the the parts of  backlinks :

Basically there are two type of backlinks both are listed below :

  Do Follow backlinks.
 Nofollow backlinks.

These were the type of backlinks which a person need to know if he is going serious about blogging and website,  so now  let's discuss the type of factoring that is do follow backlinks and nofollow backlinks.

 so let's now take a deep look and know what are the important difference in do follow backlinks and nofollow backlinks we will discuss their difference via the below table,  and all of their properties are  entered in the table.

Do Follow Backlinks No Follow Backlinks
Have an Anchor text Also Have an Anchor text
Redirects the visitor To Targeted site Also redirects the visitor To Targeted site
Helps in Ranking on Google Does not help in Ranking

 so about table discuss the difference between do follow backlinks and nofollow backlinks and one can easily understand how this works and a deep difference between them is also discussed below :

Do follow backlinks :

  These are kind of anchor text hyperlink  which are pasted over other website to drive their traffic and 2 let the Google know its a genuine website which have backlinks or other website which may help  a lot in ranking the website or search engine.

  And the another thing is is when the Google BOT visit the other website to check the post of website to index and found another anchor text backlink it is redirected to another targeted website and  also index the targeted website page is linked too.

And the anchor text made also help to detect the content of website to the Google such that a website having the content of food knowledge or food recipe,  main create a a anchor text Backlink of -  Best food recipe,  and he may also use the tag for his website as an anchor text and can embed and hyperlink over it.  which will help aap ine in understanding the content of website as well to rank the website post over that keyword in the search engine.

 No follow backlinks : 

No follow backlink are also seen as do follow backlinks but there is a little difference between them,  nofollow backlinks have a anchor text hyperlink with redirect to the user or the targeted site,  but besides this,  the the one and last difference between them is is   no to redirect the targeted website and also does not help in ranking over the Google.

 so no follow backlinks are made to redirect the user from one web page to another web page which is a day factor for attending a users and visitors over to another website.

 and now a days it has become an profession and the other website also sell their packing and allows another person to make is backlink over their website via the paid method such that their charges some money e to have the targeted website backlink on their own website which is a method of earning now a days.

 so it's time to make some clarification about backlinks which is the most important question about backlinks,  so many of you have doubts about backlink working its need and another thing so let's clarify them all:

 Is backlink too much necessary for website ?

  it's not question to ask anybody you are the one to decide whether to make backlink of the website or to not,  here are some pictures and the things which you need to know before deciding to make backlinks of not.

 so to make clarify you need to know that a website with lesser and even negligible backlinks takes a large quantity of time and higher content value to to rank over the search engine but beside this a website having more backlinks for another website and has a website has many chances to rank over the Google and over the same anchor text keyword.

 the turn comes for how to create the backlinks or how a person can create a backlink without some paid method,  all of this you will know in this sport and can I know how how to create  backlinks.

 how to create backlinks?

 so to create the battling for free you need not to do something more all you have to do is to follow something and you will know how you can create these do follow as well no follow backlinks for your new and fresh website.

 There are some method with you can assume to create the backlink,  these are listed below :

  •  Comment section backlink.
  •  In mid post backlink.

1. So the first one is comment section backlink which is free to use and you can also create your backlink of their site without any paid method or you have to do is to follow the listed below steps 

 Just go to another website having similar content to you for some related content to you of which visitor you want to redirect.

Select any of the random post and sold out to the comment section, And just paste the anchor text backlink off your website if you don't know what anchor text backlink is copy the code below and replace the website with your own website and Replace the word content here with your website content and just fixed it over the comment section.

Anchor Text - <a href=’htts://’>Content here</a> 

2.  and the second one is in mid post backlink which are the paid method too  To you mein person  who has a website and higher domain authority as well page authority in Google,  so in his next post he will embed your anchor text backlink in his port for which he may also charged money for it or he can also make it free for you.  it basically depends on the owner of website

 All you have to do is there  search for the similar content website over the internet and scroll down to contact us page and contact the owner of that website for creating your own website backlink and if he ask for any money its own you to pay or not.

Hope this post helped you a lot :)

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