If you are a blogger for going to start a blog website then definitely you will face the problem of arranging images for your blog on the blogger post,  because han bolo there must be a single image for menu of image but one image is necessary Into the blue which will make the impression of the blog to the users.

 so we are going to talk about the image website which provide the images without any copyright issue and you can use them into your blog without any hesitation.  but there are some more things which you need to know before using these images.

 here is a list of some discussion about the website which provide these images and you can take you images from website which will also help in your AdSense approval because many times there is a problem of copyright issue images in the blog.

Is images necessary for Blogger Posts ?

so, this is not a part of question because it is the thing of owner who would need to think about to increase the quality of a blog, ok let's imagine a Blog or a site without imags, and do not have even a single image in complete website pages or posts too.

would you like to read the content from these websites, Of Course No, so to use the images and to increase the look of website one should definitely use images in a website no problem he may use even a single image in the post only for it as a Thumbnail of the post which would help in retaining the user attraction. 

But the topics completely changes when this comes over the single page tool website because there are many types of tool website which do not require images in them and still they gets a lot of traffic this is due to which, because they are tool website and the user or the visitor only reaches over there if he has any problem or image resize, to generate something or any other too.

But during the blog, visitors visits the blog to read over a topics and when he finds some imags in mid of of the post, he tends to read better and would read the complete post, so this is the best thing for the blogger to engage the users over the website and will help in increasing the revenue generation.

Best Images Websites in 2021 for Blogger? 

 so using these images you will not get any kind of copyright issue India AdSense will be perfectly approved.  so let's take a look over there and know which website these are for image:


 Pixabay is  most trending website for images and nowadays menu the youtuber as well the blogger are using images from this website which provide corporate free images and many of the youtuber too uses these images.

And now a days pixabay is the best site which do not tends the user to give limit to take the images such that many of the image websites, imposes some limit over the user such that, one can only download certain images and for more, he will have to pay them for.

So, here you have to do is to just go to the site and sign up with your google Account and the rest, nothing you have to do, just start using the images which will help you a lot in growth and this is the best thing for you too.


Pexels is another website which too provides same content and the products i.e. Images, Vectors, illustrations and videos too. so one can also use this website to take the content which may help him in avoiding the copyright issue.

So if you have a youtube channel or a Blog kind product then you should definitely take care toff this because it may be the reasons for you distraction and unsuccess into your growth which is a unacceptable thing for every user.


Unplash is a website which provides the images for its users to take them and to use them in their own way with some conditions which are too necessary. this is most known website for its high quality and video resolution images as well the videos because this helps the users a lot.

So here is the thing which you need and if you use any of the images from internet or any of the browser, it may cause some problem in Adsense Approval for your site and the youtube channel too which will make you unsatisfied.

it is better to take the required images from these sites as these sites are too trustable and almost many about the Youtubers now a days uses these sites to collect the images and the most known youtuber too uses them.

Things to know about Image Websites:

So these were the sites for the images which one can use to avoid some issue in their sites and youtube channel too.

But beside this many of the people do not know the required things about these websites and makes some mistakes which must not be done or should be avoided. so let's also take a look over these things too because if a thing has some pros then it too must have some cons:

1. These sites do not allow one to use these images in wrong way or let's say the content from these sites as commercial which goes against them and it is strictly prohibited. so please one who is taking the content from these things would take care of all these things.

2. these sites do not allow the one to use their content of website as a business such that one can't use their products or images as paid product and can't sell them through his own site. so please also make sure you obey these rules because these may make you fall in some kind of problem.


so, in toaday's post we concluded about which are the sites from where you can use the images into your own sites and the youtube channel to and what are the unknown things which should not be done. becase using a thing in fair way would bring you to success but in the wrong way it would lead it to your harm, so take care of all these things and start you site with a different look today.