Requirements for Starting Blogging

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Thinking to start Blogging and want to use it as carrier but do not know how to get started in Blogging and what are the Pre-requirements of Blogging then you must go on ahead. because this post is for one who is starting blogging and needs some information about blogging or lets say he need to learn blogging basics. which are most important for the people.

When ever  a person starts his website or starts blogging, he just name a blog and start writing the post which is only a bit for a person and after few months he expect earning through it which is basically impossible because the blog is not perfectly set for earning and the visitors too, such as pages, template, other reuirements also.

Here are the things and the information or can say tips regarding how to start Blogging and to know what are the required things to start Blogging.

Requirements for Starting Blogging :

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Writing Skills
  4. Unique Topics and ideas for Blogging
1. Domain :-

Domain is the important thing you need to know before starting Blogging or any other kind of Websites. this is basically the name or address of your website where a user will be redirected and will be able to reach to your site via the specific address in the Browser.

For Eg. taking example of this site, the domain of Tech Zoon is By typing this URL or the domain you will be redirected to this site's Home page.

So one can say, domain is the necessary part of creating a site On Google or any other Platform.

What about Blogger's domain in Google ?

Yes this thing is true that on Creating a Blog on Google's Blogger site, you will get a domain without cost such that if you have a site named john then you can get without any cost if it is available or not taken by someone else.

You too can use this Domain but if you are thinking to start blogging as carrier and want to go for long in Blogging, then you will have to purchase the domain definitely for your site.

And then you will have to transfer your Blogspot domain to custom domain, which may be the reason for loosing traffic of your site and causing decrease in revenue generation.

and the best platform for purchasing the domain is now a days Hostinger which provides you the beset .xyz, .site, .tech related domains starting only with Rs.49(INR).

2. Hosting :-

Hosting is another important thing for starting blogging or other site as it can be described as the place or the space where the website is hosted. this is the important thing for the one starting blogging for long term.

Google blogger Provides Non-Paid Hosting for Bloggers but the thing is it do not provides many of the required services and the option  for customizing the site which is necessary for gaining the user attention.

Now a days, Hostinger is the best Platform for purchasing Hosting and domains as it provides Hosting with only Rs.3030(INR) which is only a small cost before Blogging and also a free domain with this purchase.

So, Go and checkout by the Above Button and make your first purchase. 

3. Writing Skills :-

Beside this one should also have writing skill which are necessary for growing the blog. because one should provide the writing skill which a user must like and would get the satisfaction after reading the Blog.
this is the most important thing for the Blog as there is only the work of providing the content in the written form.

2. Unique topic and ideas :-

One starting Blogging must have a skill of unique idea and content providing which is most important now a days to trend and to stable on Internet.
Blog providing unique information can trend on Internet and can provide better results to both the blogger and the users.

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