Blogger- Does Template matters in Adsense Approval ?

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This is sachin this side and there are many of the people who have been fooled by many of the youtubers giving information about the Website Template. So, many of the people thinks about does Template or the theme really effects the website in Ranking and matters in Approving the site for Google Adsense.

So this post is for the one who has just started his blog or site and is new at blogger, because you are new, you will be tried to be fooled over the internet and will be told about Template affect over the adsense and will you be accepted by the Google adsesne or will your site be approved for google adsense, or not because of template. beside this there are many things which we need to know about blogging and the Google adsense.

Here on this site you can get information about the Adsense approval and Website Template such how much it affects the Adsense and how it helps in Ranking factors of the site pages or the posts as well. because now a days a owner most prefers to have an adsense account and ads running over his blog or the site which will start his earning because only Google adsense pays higher to the bloggers or the site owners. beside this there are many of them who provide too like google adsense and they are alternatives of Google adsense, but there initial requirement is too much which a common person or a common and fresh blog can't comply.

So, here the bunch of questions which comes over the mind of almost all the people who starts blogging and when he starts exploring the youtube and google to learn blogging and to collect info about blogging, he finds many of them saying and providing the template for google adsense and just right then, the confusion arises that- does blogger template matters in blogger adsense approval ? which is definitely overcomes into the mind of new and fresh Bloggers, are much necessary to clarify and some of them are listed below :

So today we are going to talk about this and if you are a new and fresh blogger, this post is must necessary for you, you must go through his post and collect the required information and it also clarify to you about adsens approval for blogger and too about the relation of website template and the adsense approval too. so let's take a look over it.

Is it Necessary To Purchase the Template for the Blogger site ?

Basically, you are at the Blogger and blogger is a product of Google which itself provides you some of the Free to use Templates. But if you are not interested in these themes then you can explore outside for the blogger theme such as Colormag, bthemes and gooyabitemplates sites which provides and sells the website templates.

You can Purchase the Theme from these Website or if doesn't come under budget, then you can take a trial of these template provided by these Webistes. and by god in future if your blog starts generating the revenue you can purchase a best template for your website. because if you are going to start the blogging as an carrier and full time then you must be serious about it and start your site and should take care of purchsing the hosting as well the domain for your blog because if you going to be serious about it, then it should be professional.

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so to make a pro blog you need to provide the legit content over your site and provide the best of your hard work to them, which will definitely result into your success, you can purchase the hosting and the domain from Hostinger too it is best for the new and budget bloggers. Before than, you can try any of the template to start your site and grow your site.

Does Template matters or affects Blogger Adsense Approval ?

This is basically the question of every fresher and the new blogger who is getting the blogger knowledge from the Youtube, as youtuber casually says " These are some Adsense Friendly Themes. ". so listinging to these words people thinks that template too matters in adsense approval. and if so which are the best templates for adsense approval and the most known that is which template is adsense friendly because everyone needs and wants to get his blog approved via Google adsense.

So, to clarify this out, we should know that template of a website doesn't matters about adsense which is basically seems to be a different product. because template is completely different product from the Google adsense and too is not a base to get your site approved or rejected. but too it has some properties which may lead to an error on your site and this will affect your adsense approval, so you need to take care of these which are listed below.

But is is true over a single percent because in case your template doesn't contains the Pages section and the website category section then what will the adsense review team examine and if they do not find the pages or the required things in your site, your site will be definitely rejected.

So in this situation only the Template matters during the approval of adsense. so to use any of the template in your site, please make sure it has every sections such as Pages, Category, Footer etc, as well it is responsive for which means is it available for almost all kind of devices such mobile tablet too, which will help you in increasing the chances of getting approved for adsense.


So, the result here comes about the Blogger template is you can use any of your desired Template on your site but keeping in mind to make the required pages, Category and other things visible for the adsense team in order to make it adsense friendly.

and if you are starting blog you need to learn everything about it which will make you help in blogging, so you can use this site for learning blogging :)


  1. it's 100% depends on adsense approval;

  2. a good responsive ,clean coded template recommended for adsese


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