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If you are a new and fresh blogger and searching for The best website template for blogger and do not have enough budget to purchase the  professional one then you are at the right place where you can find the template for your website.

Here you can find all the professional one template for your website so that your user do not seem it to be a local website for a fresh one such that you can apply it to your website in order to show it as a wordpress website because now a days what price is the most trending one website for the Google.


So let's go ahead and know which are the free templates for yourself and you can use them free Off coating your website to make it more beautiful and adorable for your user which may help it attaining the user retention of your audience.

 Template of a website most help the owner to retain the user retention and it makes the user to till longer as usual on the website which  may lead to increase in CPC rate of your AdSense account.

 so if you are one among them then you are at the right place so let's go I had without falling a lot of time into the waste bay.

Best 5 blogger template like wordpress (simple).

 I have collected some of the best template for your Global website in order to show it is a wordpress site and by god your website will be more beautiful than usual in order to get more attention of your user.

 let's take a look over there and know which are the best Global website template that you can apply to your side in order to make it more beautiful and the best pro this thing is these are completely e professional looking.

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 but before proceeding I must tell you that these are not the free website templates which you can use to your website but these are paid side you can use to your website and provide their free trial to all the new blog and fresh bloggers such that when you start earning from your blog and then start generating revenue from your site then you can purchase that him from that specific platform.

 so if you got all understand then let's go ahead now.

Best blogger template with professional looking.

where is the list of the best blogger template which you can use into website with free of cost and now let's talk a little bit informative thing for this website.

  • All the sites are responsive to use in any kind of devices.

  •  all the sides are AdSense friendly service that you can place any kind of ads in this website templates.

  •  all the sites are seo-friendly which may help a lot in ranking and getting views to your site.

  Here The list of all the website template which you can use to your site:

  1. Fastify Blogger template

  2. SEOify Blogger template

  3. Technews Blogger template

  4. Boom Blogger template

  5. Chicmag Blogger template

Above listed on the best selected website template which you can use to decide and this will definitely give a better look to your side and attend a great user retention for your side which may lead to high revenue generation for your website and directly increase the earning of your website.

Among all the website templates  listed above the best one and my favourite one is boom blogger template which I use is in my website and is a professional website template which is AdSense  friendly and   too  responsive for all kind of device.

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 the best thing of boom website template is it's a professional looking website template and is also similar to wordpress website template which I like the most no matter you can select any of the website applet which you think is better for you and your audience.

What is the Importance of Template in Website ?

Basically if you are a fresh or a new Blogger or created a new Website then it is necessary for you to know about Template of a website because in a new blog or website it matters the most as well in the top ranking website too it helps a lot to engage the users. so if you have just used the pre provided themes by the blogger in your website then you have made a mistake and too you cant approve your site for Adense.

because there are not as many option to add the pages like privacy policy, contact us, About us and others too, so you need is a custom template which are provided by many of the websites but paid they are, and when a new person starts his website or a blog many of them are not in conditions to purchase the template, so they searches for free too.

So the internet is too big to explore, then they finds some of the websites which provides unpaid web templates for blogger and wordpress too, but a normal person can't understands the exact mean, the site owner pre adds some of his benefits in that template, such that he adds the footer which contains a Backlink of his site and

so here is the list of some professsional templates which looks like a pro website and the user will engage too and also will assume it as a pro website and will engage to collect more of value from the blog or website.

 hope these things help you a lot in in blogging world and if you want to know more about blogging and know how to grow in blogging for how to make career in blogging and  decide this if you want to be a full-time locket and you must check it out -  the blogger site which is free of cost and you can get more information and almost  every kind of suggestion in our website.

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