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Thursday, 5 November 2020

When is " Thanks Giving Day " ? why and how to Celebrate ?

 The Thanksgiving Day is a type of national break and a holiday in USA.

When is Thanksgiving Day Celebrated In USA?

Fourth Thursday of November. 

In USA, The Thanksgiving Day is celebrated  on the every fourth Thursday of November each and every Year. This year, USA Thanksgiving Day will be held and celebrated on 28 of November.

Thanksgiving day celebration

Who Declared Thanks Giving Day in USA ?

US President Abraham Lincoln was the first president to celebrate or declare this festival on every fourth Thursday of November Month in US.

Beside this the Official date for celebrating this festival in the country was set By Franklin D Roosevelt in the year of 1939 and was offically approved by the Congress in 1941.

with this, it is also celebrated in other countries by which it is also known as an International festival. Thanksgiving Day is als celebrated in the other countries such as Grenada, the Philippines Saint Lucia, Liberia, the Netherlands and  Canada.

Canadians People celebrates the Thanksgiving Day on second Monday of Month October. 

Why it is Only called Thanksgiving Day? 

It started as a day on which People took prospect of thanking for the godsend Gift as the harvest and of the upcoming next year.

In the USA, this celebration is basically known as a phase that took place when English colonists held a feast for thanking the Native Americans after getting help from them. 

The First Thanksgiving” was first celebrated after the first harvest By the People in US in October 1621. The carnival remained and ran till three days.

In the support of Declared National holiday, Hale wrote five letters to the five presidents of the USA. One letter which she wrote to Abraham Lincoln, Asked him to support legislation, Establishing a national day off known as The thanksgiving in 1863.

Why this is celebrated with Turkey?

Some Of the People gives all credit to Hale, whose accounts hit a roast turkey and Casually became the model for all the festivities.

but most of the Other people believes, that the animals were especially selected because they are larger to complete the Need of many people.

Over 50 Million turkeys are served on the Thanksgiving Day in US every year. 

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day ? 

The most important thing is Food on the Day of thanksgiving Day. 

So on this day you can try out to Cook the Most adorable and the Delicious Food products and if you do not Cooks, try Your First Cooking in the Presence of an Chef Or your Family Adult Member.

Cooking and preparing the Sweet Dishes on this day makes this day More Happier and brings more happiness on the Faces of your family members as well on the face of your friends, relatives and Neighbors.

Participating in the Turkey Trot race On Thanksgiving Day.

You can Participate in the Turkey Trot Race on the day of thanksgiving targeting 5 to 10k race. Athlete is the best practice to do on this day for everyone to make this day more better.

If you takes part you will be eligible and be able to get unlimited Food to eat on this Event.

What to Do on Thanksgiving day ?

There are many things to do on this day which may help you a lot in making this day more happier and the day which can't be forgotten.

  • Making and Cooking Food : You can Cook Food most if you are a food lover and if you do not cooks food casually you can make your first Cooking on this day in the Presence of a Chef or a family member.
  • Going on A Hike : On this Day you can also go for a Hike to any of you most loved place, and it will be more better if you go with any of your partner.
  • Go to movies : you can also chose to watch movies with your family or your friends on this day to enjoy this day. this will help you a lot in making relations more strong.

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