How to Find 'How many Google Adsense Account I Have' ?

If have applied for Adsense and getting the Error for Having more than one Google Adsense Account then, you might be rejected more than once times for Adsense approval.

Creating More than One Google Adsense Account will never let you get approved for Google Adsense as it is against the Google Policies.

So here are the tips about How to Get Adsense approval and how to solve the Adsense issues. these are the most Common Problems for a new and Fresh Bloggers.

Let's dive into the Blogging World and check how to solve the Issue "If you have more than one Adsense account." this issue will be solved easily and help you a lot.

How to solve the Adsense Approval Issue ?

If you are facing the Issue "You don't already have another Adsense Account." and not getting approved for the Adsense account, then this is the main reason. so here are the Solutions which will help you in getting rid of this issue.

Your this issue will be occuring due to having more than one adsense account and you are not aware of about having more than one adsense account.

If you are unable to check how to find the numbers of adsense accounts linked to your google account then you might be referring to this issue.

So below are the Steps by which you can Find this out and get approved for your Website or channel on Google adsense account.

How to Find Number of Adsense Account linked to Gmail Account ? 

To find out how many Gmail account you owns and due to which your application for Adsense is every time rejected just follow some of the Simple Steps and hope following and implementing these steps will solve your issue.

Here are the Steps for Check the Adsense accounts linked to your account.

the Series goes like : > Google Account > Data and Personalisation > Go to google Dashboard > Google Adsense.

Brief :

  • Go to and search for Google Account and click over the Google Accounts.
  • Now move over the Go to My account. and wait for the Few minutes.
  • Click over the Data and Personalization and and Scroll over the Things you create and do and click over the Go to Google Dashboard.
  • Now look over the Adsense and check the below description.
if it is showing more than one account then, you should remove those account and then apply for adsense which will resolve your issue in Adsense Approval.

Hope it helped you and your issue is resolved.

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