Best Video sharing platforms for sharing Youtube Videos.

Started a new Youtube channel and worried about Ranking and the Traffic on channel on Youtube, then you are lacking some more tips and tricks which will give you enough idea.

Here are some tips for the new and fresh youtubers who are frustrated by the Views and rankings. This is the Main problem and the issue for  a new youtuber who has just entered into the youtube world.

So here are the best ideas and the Platforms which will help you a lot in ranking your youtube videos no youtube and as well increase your traffic.

So let's get started and have a dive into the World of Youtube which is now a days on the Trend.

How to Increase Youtube Video Views Without Paying Money

There are various methods by which one can increase and build up the Traffic on youtube channel if has created the new one.

The first method is to by using the Paid method via the Advertising of your video on the youtube which will send much of the Traffic on your Youtube Channel.

And the Second one without paid method is by sharing the Video in the Social media platform. Many of the People are unaware of the all social sharing platform for ranking and increasing traffic on the channel.

So here are 14 best social platforms  for sharing youtube videos. you should also share the Videos on these platform in order to get enough volume of visitors in your video and increase views.

Best Youtube Video Sharing Platforms for increasing video views.

Here are the Best 14 platforms in which you can share your youtube videos to get more traffic on your channel and to derive the platform's user in your channel.

  • Pinterst : Pinterest is the best most ranked platforms for videos and pictures in the Google which will help you a lot in increasing the Views of your videos. Here all you have to do is to just Pin your videos in Pinterest.
  • This will send most of the Google targeted traffic to your website and your audience retention will also get a boost as they are targeted users.
How to Pin Youtube Videos in Pinterest ?
  • Medium : Medium is another similar functioning platoform like Pinterest which has high Da & Pa in Google Ranking. So this can also help you a lot in Increasing your channel traffic. 
  • All You have to do is to just create an free business account on Medium and start sharing videos on medium via the New tip.
  • How to Use Medium to Increase Video Views ?  
  • Facebook : Facebook is also the best and the Known platform for sharing the videos as well pictures, pages, things, articles, website, products etc. This can also be the one to help you in ranking and boosting channel.
  • So you have to just create a page in Facebook and start sharing your all videos on the page which will redirect the users in your chanenel.
  • Dailymotion : Dailymotion is a similar to youtube platform for posting videos and it has much of the traffic from US which will help increasing your content higher.
  • All you have to do is to just start posting your videos on Dailymotion and spreading your content all over the world.

  • Vimeo : Vimeo is also best platform for sharing youtube videos and getting more traffic on channel. start using Vimeo it is the most used platform and also the trending one.
  • Derive the users of Vimeo on Your channel. all you have to do is to just share your post and videos on Vimeo.

Hope it helped you a lot if any kind of issue please let me know on instagram : jangid_sk21 

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