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Sunday, 25 October 2020

Remove Search/Label Text From URL In Blogger.

 There is a spell in Blogger when we create a category or a sub-category in our Blog, then It automatically turns the Link, Or let's say URL into the

Modify Blogger post Url Links

it looks different and some of the people try to remove the Search/Label text from the Link but they do not know how to do so?

Here are the tips and the methods by which you can hide or remove the Text Search and label from The URL.

SO let;'s Get Started and know how you can remove the Text without losing your Ranking in Google and without affecting your site.

Why Search and Label Come in the category URL in Blogger?

Whenever we open the Category of any site over Blogger, it automatically shows the Search/Label text in the URL of the content.

Google Automatically adds this text in the URL of your content on the Blogger so you need not worry about that.

Below is the Solution or say methods by which you can easily remove the Text or hide it from your URL.

How to Remove Search/Label From URL In Blogger?

For Removing the Text from the URL, all you have to do is to just follow some of the Listed simple steps.

and you will be easily able to solve your issue and it will also help you a lot in increasing your ranking on Google.

Remove Search and Label From URL In Blogger.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and move over the Setting panel.
  2. Now in the Errors and Redirects Section, Click over the Custom Redirects.
  3. New Window will pop up, now select Add Button.
  4. Now in the From Section Enter The Category of your blog which you want to change.
    remove search/label from URL in blogger

  5. And in the To Section Enter your Category Complete URL "With Search/label" Text. 
Hope it Helped and solved your problem if still problem exists please let me know on Instagram or other social platform via the Links.

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