How Can i create a simple Website myself ? - Blogging Guide

 Going to create or develop a Website Yourself but do not know how to get Started ?  then this might be only for you.

how to create  a website ?

Actually There are multiple methods for how to get started and create a website with own Customization. such as you can use and this platform Allows you to create a Website with your own Customization and no worry if you do not have knowledge about the HTML and CSS which are not needed in this platform for developing a Website.

Can You also Create  A website ?

You can create a blog website via google Blogger which is a free to use for the Beginner for creating a website and you will get to know the Customization of a website.

This will allow you to add and modify the website theme and you can add more plugins as requirements.

My recommendation : if you are a beginner then you should first try out the Blogger and then you will be habitual and will be known to some of the Languages and will get the Knowledge about how to edit and control a HTML code and how to coordinate the Website.

Blogging is easy to start as you need not to invest in it because all of it you can get in free and if your website starts ranking and getting enough traffic then you can also monetize your website via Google adsense which is the Best way of earning for the Bloggers.

you can use Tech zoon: BLogging to Get more information for Blogging on How to create a website and how to Rank the Blog in Google Search Result which will help your website in deriving the enough traffic from Google As organic Search.

Beside this there are also some more methods which are needed to Rank and for bringing Traffic to the Website such as blogging or tool website.

Conclusion : 

Few of the Platforms which are needed to Bring traffic to website are Quora, medium, Pinterest and the most important and the last one is Youtube.

Here are how to Use Medium to Derive Traffic For Website | Latest Tips. this will help you and give you the Best and amazing trick to Derive the Traffic from Medium.

the another one which is the best and the Trending thing is Pinterest. So here is how to Get 1500+ Users In your Website From Pinterst - Latest Trick

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