Customize Infinite AMP Template | Full Details.

Using an AMP Template Website and choosing an AMP Template, will make you to change the Theme or Customize the Template according to Yourself.

But many of the people do not have Complete or even do not have the basic Information related to the HTML or the CSS. So they are unable to fully Customize the Template or the Website.

Infinite AMP template Customization

So here you we will Customize the latest  Ifinite AMP Blogger template. So lets get started.

First of all you need to get the Template, you can get it from where you want and Install it on your Website or the Blogspot.

Setting Up Template on Your Blogspot ? 

To set up the Infinite AMP Template on your Blogspot is easy.  So You need to follow some steps :

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard  > Theme > Edit HTML  , Now Copy the Code from the Template and Replace with the Blogger Template code.
So You have successfully installed the Infinite AMP template in Your Blogspot Website. Now you have to Customize the Template In the Right Way.

How to Customize Infinite AMP Template  ? 

Customize the Template after by following the below steps : 

 Changing Header Name : Go to Blogger dashboard > Layout > Header , enter the Heading Name or the Name of your Blogspot or you can also select an Image for the header.

 Changing the Header image :  For changing the header image of the template you need an image of same size and follow the steps: 

  • Go to Blogger dashboard > Layout > Header-right , and change the value of Src , to the link of your own selected image.
Customizing Menu Bar : For Editing Menu Bar  ,
  •  Go to Blogger Dashboard  > Theme > Edit HTML , and Press CTRL + F  and search for Menu-navigation and Change the Title according to yourself and change the Link of Menu-Bars according to Your Website or Blog categories.
Adding Pages In the Template Footer : For adding the Pages of Website in the Footer of template ,
  •  Go to blogger dashboard > theme > Edit HTML  , Press CTRL + F  and Find for footer-menu. Here paste the link of your pages On the place of '#' and Change the title According to Your Pages.

For any Kind of issue or any kind of help from me please let me know on Instagram. 

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