Can I Create or Design A Website Without learning Coding - About Programming

 One who knows Coding means knows about Programing and the Languages needed for Designing Websites can easily creates websites. but the Question comes that can you also create a website without learning Coding.

This  is  a common question which is asked by almost all the People whether they Can design a website without languages or how much coding is necessary for designing a website.

So here are the Answers about how many languages are necessary for Creating a website and how to learn these Languages.

Many of the People have the Rumor or have a mind set that only the Pro people or the People are higher in the Computer languages can only design the Website and it is too much hard to Design a website.

What is a Website ? 

A website is a collection of pages which are displayed over the Internet search results for the complete or satisfy the Problem of the users.

There are many about billion of websites on Google which are working in the Same method and their Pages are Displayed on a specific question to the User for giving solution to his Query.

Website contains many pages which are created by the Website Author about the Different kind of problems and the Solutions which are beneficial for the Users or the People who have any kind of query or questions.

Which languages are Needed to Create or Develop a website ?

Basically there are many languages which can be used as a base language for the web development. but there are some specific languages which are necessary for creating a website and are used by almost all the People who have designed a website.

Languages needed for Web Development : 
  1. HTML (website Base).                                                                                                                                                  
  2. CSS (Needed to Design the Website)                                                                                                           
  3. Javascript (Needed to control the website Functioning.)                                                                                         
  4. MySQL (Needed to get website User's Data .)

these are the some necessary Languages which are needed to develop a website and run on the Browser.

These coding help the Owner of website to provide the Content to the Users and if needed they can get their data via contact form for solving any kind of issue.

Who can Create or Develop a Website ? 

 A person having enough Knowledge about the Coding and the above listed Languages can easily create a website although it may be of any kind. such as it may be a Wordpress website, Blogger site , or any other Shopping, Fashion etc. kind of Websites.

Learning these some specific languages needed to create a website must be necessary for  a person who thinks or goes ahead to create or design a website. As these Languages are necessary for controlling the Websites.

here the question comes whether a normal person or let say can you create a website without having knowledge about the Coding and the Languages.

Can you also create a website  ?

No Problem if you are having a little bit knowledge about HTML and CSS then you can go ahead for website but if you are completely fresh at the Languages then you should wait and go through the Languages.

If you goes on with getting a free theme no gain you will not be able to customize the website according to you and will not be able to solve or fix the issues of the websites which are the necessary part of a website for ranking on the Google.

But you can try this out on WIX.COM this will give you the Full customization control and you will be able to adjust the theme according to you.

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