Fix Custom Javascript is Not Allowed ! error for Google Syndication Code.

common error Custom Javascript not allowed is many times shown in Google Search Console.

Here is how to Fix the Error Custom javascript is not allowed ?

Just before few days i checked the earning tab of my blogspot, and i saw that i am eligible to apply for adsense and i couldn't wait so i just applied for it.

{<script async='async' data-ad-client='ca-pub-65xxxxxxxxxxxxxx' src=''></script>}

 The above code I got from Google Adsense which i have to paste into the head section of my blog Theme. 

so i did as i was told. but the next day i got an AMP error from my website which was showing the "Custom Javascript is Not Allowed." and as i investigated i saw that that error was indicating toward the code i pasted in my blogger theme provided to me by the Google Adsense for Syndication.

So this may create an error for the people using the AMP websites. this error can be corrected by the following way.

I searched a lot on the Google about how to fix this error but nowhere i found the correct information about the AMP Theme Errors. 

There are many of the templates you can find on the Google to use in your site. But AMP helps you a lot in many ways which you already knows.

How to Fix "Custom Javascript is Not Allowed !" Error from AMP theme ?

This error can be fixed by the following way. All you need to do is to just follow the given steps and your issue will be fixed.


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Step 1 - Go to Theme Option and then click on Edit HTML.

tech zoon

Step 2 - Find the location of Google Syndication Code which you have pasted during Google Adsense Application.

Step 3 - Now Just Add <!-- above the the code and --> below the code.

Step 4 - Click over the save button and all you have done it. you will see that your error has gone. Now you can verify your error fix on the GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE or AMP VALIDATOR. 

Hope it helped you in solving the Issue. if unable to solve the issue or any kind of problem in the Website related to any kind of website please do not make delay to ask on instagram  : jangid_sk21

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